Kawartha Lakes Festival of Trees

Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

Thank you for supporting the 19th Annual Kawartha Lakes Festival of Trees. Please complete in full the following information by October 28th (September 30th for category 2 sponsors) to ensure your name is included in our promotional materials. If you would like to be a sponsor in more than one category, please fill in each sponsorship item separately. Alternatively, you can download the sponsorship form and mail it back to the office.

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Category #1 – Official Event Sponsor ($1000) or Official Media Sponsor ($2000). An Official Event Sponsor represents the highest level of support for the Festival of Trees. In addition to the regular benefits (listed in the sponsorship letter), we will decorate and display a complimentary 7ft tree and your logo will be displayed on our website and on our promotional material.

Category #2 – Special Event Sponsor ($250). As a Special Event Sponsor your name will be synonymous with the event you choose. Please note there is a limit of 4 sponsors per event (choices are received on a first come basis).

Category #3 – Sponsor (YOU!) Decorate a Festival Item. Your organization will be supplied a tree, wreath, or table top tree and you can then decorate it at the Village or at your office. The item will then either be auctioned or raffled.

Item #1 - Trees:

Item #2 - Wreaths & Table Top Tree:

Category #4 – Our Design Team decorates a Festival item. Your sponsored item will be decorated by one of our local artisans and will be displayed at the Festival, where it will either be auctioned or raffled.

Item #1 - Trees:

Item #2 - Wall Trees or Traditional Funky Trees:

Item #3 - Wreaths, Table Top Tree, Garland:

Item #4 - Designers Choice:

Category #5 – Gift In Kind Sponsor. Donations for the auction and raffle would be appreciated (monetary donations can only be accepted through here). If donating a tangible item list it here: . Please drop your item off by October 28th or contact for pick up.

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Category 1 – Official Event Sponsor/Media Sponsor

Category 2 – Special Event Sponsors

Category 3 – Sponsor Decorates

Category 4 – Design Team Decorates

Category 4 Continued – Designer Team Decorates

Category 5 – Cash Donation